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Family Trusts

We offer a range of Trusts designed to help address specific concerns you may have, with regards to protecting your family’s inheritance for the future. Imagine a Trust being like a safe or vault and anything in that Trust is protected by your ‘Trustees’ who are given the responsibility of looking after everything within the Trust, in accordance with the wishes set out by you. These Trusts can be used in a variety of ways such as protecting your property from outside sources, or ‘drip feeding’ money to any beneficiary who you may see as vulnerable or careless with money.

Trusts can be used to protect many things including:
– Your property
– Cash sums until your children reach a certain age (i.e. 21)
– Disabled beneficiaries (whose benefits may be affected)
– Beneficiaries who are drug/ alcohol dependant
– Any beneficiaries in a controlling or volatile relationship

If you would like more information on Trusts and their benefits, call us today for free advice.