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Will Writing & Estate Planning

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Will Writing Lasting Power of Attorney
A Will is one of the most important documents that you will sign during your lifetime, however, making your Will does not need to be a daunting task. A Will is not just about who is to… If you suffer a stroke, mental illness or have an accident that renders you incapacitated, you may no longer be deemed capable of making financial decisions and your bank accounts will be frozen…
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Protecting your home Funeral Plans
The Asset Protection Trust is designed to protect your property against many of life’s future uncertainties but is equally effective at reducing expensive probate costs (if all the property goes into the Trust)… When the time comes, you want to know that your funeral and it’s financial implications on your family are going to be taken care of, leaving your loved ones with one less thing to worry about. With Funeral costs on the…
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Inheritance Tax Planning Probate
Did you know that, if your estate is worth more than the nil rate band (which currently stands at £325,000), your beneficiaries could be required to pay inheritance tax on anything you leave them above… When applying for the right to deal with a deceased person’s affairs (administering the estate), you need to establish Probate. If the person who has died left a Will, they may have specified who should carry out the…
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Severance of Joint Tenancy Document Storage
Most people purchase their property jointly, therefore if one partner dies, the other automatically owns 100% of the property. By severing the tenancy and owning as Tenants in Common, usually 50/50… Once you have taken the vital step of protecting your estate, your most important documents must be protected and kept up to date. Many people have lost or accidently damaged their Wills rendering them invalid…
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